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TOHA Automobil- Vertriebs GmbH

Heldengut 1a
94146 Hinterschmiding

Tel.: +49 8551 / 5777-0
Fax.: +49 8551 / 5777-27


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The best of Europe - for our customers!

TOHA is serving you fast and reliable with attractive new cars - regulare cars, off-road and small commercial vehicles - of nearly all brands. Our supplier network consists of 27 countries of EU. The EU-law garanties each customer safeness and warranty for the bought cars. All cars are delivered as "ready-to-go" includung all required german documents. If you want you can get your new cars directly at TOHA or we can deliver it directly to your company. With our TOHA Express-Service we are able to deliver in 48 hours.

TOHA Configurator

You can setup and order new cars exactly for your customers: model, engine, transmission, colors and extras - as your customers dreams!


TOHA cars on stock

Cheap new cars with offen requested extras on stock at our suppliers. Delivery time is 10 to 15 days from our suppliers!

TOHA top-offers (configurations)

Alwas requested models with a maximum on savings! These cars are a regular selection of configuration models by trying to get the lowest price and the maximum savings.


Our special offers from fax-/mail advertisings

Every week we send out attractive offers to our customers by mail and fax. A list of the latest specials are availalble as PDF download document.